Fantastiske Foenix / Fantastic Foenix

I weekenden d. 21. og 22. november deltog Foenix i to Rally prøver Champion klasse. Lørdag blev det til en 3. plads med 92 point, og søndag deltog han i “årets rally hund” og blev nummer 10 !!


This weekend the 21st and 22nd of November, Foenix took part in 2 Rally trial, champion class. Saturday he was 3rd with 92 point and Sunday he took part in “rally dog of the year” and was nummer 10!!


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Foenix winner of Rally Champion class!

Saturday the 14rd of November Foenix and Karina won Rally Champion class at the trial i Vamdrup with 96 of 100 points! Soooo proud of Karina and Foenix!

rally vamdrup

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Rally obedience

Today Ch Kuzonga’s Cheriff passed the norwegian Rally Obedience Class 1 with impresssive 196 af 200 points!! Just one more time, and he will at the age of allmost 10 years have his first rally title! HUGE congratulations Sheriff and Mona!

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