C-kuld 2005
INTCH NCH SCH DKCH FINCH NORDCH NV-05 NV-06 NORV-06 Masithela’s Irresistible Chango x LP1 LP2 UHP FP RB Hunting Choir’s Issa
Født/Born  26.06.2005


9 puppies born June 26th,  2005 
5 males (one with overshot) and 4 females (one with 3 crowns)
Name Sex HD ED OCD Results / Other
Kuzonga’s Cato Male  A/A 0/0 No xray Overshot
Kuzonga’s Cheriff Male  A/A 0/0 No xray NOCH, sire of 8 litters
Kuzonga’s Chunuka Zazu Male  A/A 0/0  Free   DKLPCH, sire of 2 litters
Kuzonga’s Cheikh Male        
Kuzonga’s Chassa Zazo Male  B/B 0/0  Free  Dead
Kuzonga’s Cha Nala Female  A/B 0/0  Free  3 crowns
Kuzonga’s Cirkeline Female  A/B 0/0  Free  DEVDHCH, Dead, dam of 3 litters
(Kuzonga’s F, G and H litter)
Kuzonga’s Cadia Female        
Kuzonga’s Casmir Female       Dead



Stamtavle/Pedigree     Gallery      Litter planning

Kuzonga’s Cato
HD: A  AD/ED: 0 (free)

NOCH LP1 LP2 BH Kuzonga’s Cheriff
HD: A  AD/ED: A (free)

Rally-B LP1 Rally-V LP2 LP3 Kuzonga’s Chunuka Zazu
HD: A  AD/ED: 0 (free)   OCD: free

Kuzonga’s Cheikh
HD: ?  AD/ED: ?

Kuzonga’s Chassa Zazo
HD: B   AD/ED:0 (free)   OCD: free

Kuzonga’s Cha Nala
HD: B  AD/ED: 0 (free)   OCD: free


UHP DEVDHCH Rally-B Kuzonga’s Cirkeline
HD: B    AD/ED:0 (free)   OCD: free

Kuzonga’s Cadia
HD: ?  AD/ED: ?


Kuzonga’s Casmir
HD: ?  AD/ED: ?