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Cala BIS3 BABY in Horsens on 4th June 2016

Skue = uofficiel show in Denmark


Place, Club Date Class Judge Result Report
Slagelse, RRK (DK) 23.04.2016 Baby Joop Hiddes (NL)  VP1, BOB Baby  report
Roskilde, DKK international (DK) 30.04.2016 Baby Arne Foss (NO)  VP1, BOB Baby  report
Roskilde, DKK international (DK) 01.05.2016 Baby Eli-Marie Klepp (NO)  VP1, BOB Baby  report
Stepping, FDA Hunting dog show (DK) 05.05.2016 Baby Rubi Hübenthal  (NO)  VP1, BOS Baby  report
Årslev, DKK kreds 3 (skue) 22.05.2016 Baby Mette Aunsberg (DK)  Promissing  due to injury* see below
Horsens, DKK kreds 6 (skue) 04.06.2012 Baby Svend Løvenkjær (DK)
BIS: Jens M. Hansen (DK)
 VP1, BOB Baby
BIS3 Baby
Vejen, DKK international (DK) 10.06.2016 Baby Valerie Joan Hutton (AUS)  VP1, BOB Baby  report
Vejen, DKK international (DK) 11.06.2016 Baby Luís M. C. Catalan (POR)  VP1, BOB Baby  report
Vejen, DKK international (DK) 12.06.2016 Baby Piotr Kröl (PL)  VP1, BOB Baby  report
Vamdrup, DKK kreds 4 (skue) 26.06.2016 Baby Jesper Ravn (DK)  VP1, BOB Baby  report
  • Report from Årslev 22nd of May 2016: “4 month female, harmonic, beautiful elegant, well proportioned, beautiful dark eyes, well defined stop, good length of neck, well proportionated body, powerful back, lovely arched ribcage of good wide and depth, lovely strait bones, well angulated rear well placed tail, beautiful movements from all sides, beautiful color and ridge, on the day the skull is difficult to judge, meaning the head at all, because of a bump of fluid cause by a injury, therefore the price promising”


Place, Club Date Class Judge Result Report
Lyne, DKK kreds 11 (skue) 10.06.2016 Puppy Antoan Hlebarov (BG)  VP1, BOS Puppy  report
Vamdrup, DKK (DK) 20.08.2016 Puppy Rony Doedijns (NL)  VP1, BOS Puppy  report
Strøby, RRK (DK) 03.09.2016 Puppy Franz Zimmermann (AT)  Promising  report




Place, Club Date Class Judge Result Report
Vamdrup, DKK kreds 4 (skue) 12.11.2016 Junior Per Sonne-Schmidt (DK)  Exc 1, BOS junior  report
Billund, DKK kreds 5 (skue) 04.12.2016 Junior Kim Bay (DK)  Exc 2, BB2  report
Lupin,  National (PL) 22.01.2017 Junior Katarina Gerda (PL)  Exc 1, Youth winner,  BEST JUNIOR  report
Årslev, DKK kreds 3 (skue) 05.02.2017 Junior Michael Allerup Nielsen (DK)  VG 1  report
Fredericia, DKK, international (DK) 12.02.2017 Junior Kim Vigsø Nielsen (DK)  CBJ  report
Kolding, DKK kreds 4 (skue) 18.03.2017 Junior Lene Jakobsen (DK) Exc 1, Best Female,   BEST JUNIOR  report
Års, DKK kreds 7 15.04.2017 Junior Annette Bystrup (DK)  CBJ  report
Stepping, FDA 25.05.2017 Intermediate Gitte F. Pedersen (DK)  VG1  report
Vejen, DKK, international (DK) 11.06.2017 Intermediate Ann Carlstrøm Good  report
Bredsten, DKK kreds 5 (skue) 02.07.2017 Intermediate Birgitte Gothen