D-kuld 2006
LP1 LP2 LP3 UHP FP RidgeBow’s Embo of Canello x UHP LP1 RB Kuzonga’s Bayana J’Adore
Født/Born  22.06.2006

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10 puppies born June 22nd,  2005 
4 males (1 with 1 crown 1 with overshot, 1 with kink) 6 females (3 with 3 crowns 1 with dew claws) 2 not complete bite.
Name Sex HD ED OCD Results / Other
Kuzonga’s Dyani Shona Female       Dead
Kuzonga’s Dadisa Female       Dead
Kuzonga’s Diata Female  B/C 0/0  No xray Dead
Kuzonga’s Dunia Female       Dead
Kuzonga’s Dear Memory of Sus Female  A/A 0/0 Free  Dead
Kuzonga’s Diva Female  A/A 0/0  No xray  Dead
Kuzonga’s D’Uncas of Embo Male  A/A 0/0  No xray  DKLPCH, sire of 1 litter,
Dead 2015
Kuzonga’s Dayo Amiri Male       Dead 2016
Kuzonga’s Da Kintu Male  A/B 0/0  No xray  Kink tail, 1 crownm Dead
Kuzonga’s Dalji Male       Overshot, Dead



Kuzonga’s Dyani Shona
HD: ?  AA/ED: ?


Kuzonga’s Dadisa
HD: ?  AA/ED: ?


Kuzonga’s Diata
HD: C  AA/ED: 0

German Export

Kuzonga’s Dunia
HD: ?  AA/ED: ?


Kuzonga’s Dear Memory of Sus
HD: A  AA/ED: 0  OCD: Free

German Export

Kuzonga’s Diva
HD: A  AA/ED: 0


DKLPCH SEVCH LP1 Rally-B UHP LP2 FP Kuzonga’s D’Uncas of Embo
HD: A   AA/ED: 0

German Export

Kuzonga’s Dayo Amiri
HD: ?  AA/ED: ?


Kuzonga’s Da Kintu
HD: B  AA/ED: 0


Kuzonga’s Dalji
HD:    AA/ED: