B-kuld 2004
 INTCH NLCH LCH Ceasar van de Jack Bulls Hoeve x LP1 LP2 UHP FP RB Hunting Choir’s Issa
Født/Born  24.01.2004


12 puppies born Janunary 24th,  2004 
5 males (1 still born) and 7 females (1 with multi crowns). 2 missing P3


Name Sex HD ED OCD Results / Other
Kuzonga’s Bayana J’Adore Female A/A 0/0 Free CQ r-cac, Dead 2015, dam of 2 litters
(Kuzonga’s D and E litter)
Kuzonga’s Bizayo Danuwa Male A/A  0/0 Free Dead
Kuzong’s Bella Protea Female A/A 0/0 No xray CQ, 2nd winner.
Kuzonga’s Baluga Male A/A 0/0 No xray  
Kuzonga’s Bomani Male A/A 0/0  Free  
Kuzonga’s Baraha Male A/A 0/0  No xray Dead 
Kuzonga’s Bukejayo Simba Male       Dead
Kuzonga’s Bhinya Female A/A 0/0 Free  
Kuzonga’s Boudicca Female       Dead
Kuzonga’s Binti Ceaiss Female A/A  0/0  Free  Dead
Kuzonga’s Butaa Female        


Stamtavle/Pedigree     Gallery


LP1 UHP RB Kuzonga’s Bayana J´Adore
HD: A  AA/ED: 0   OCD: free

German Export

Kuzonga’s Bizayo Danuwa

HD: A  AA/ED: 0   OCD: free


Kuzonga’s Bella Protea
HD: A  AA/ED: 0


Kuzonga’s Baluga

HD: A  AA/ED: 0

German Export

Kuzonga’s Bomani
HD: A  AA/ED: 0   OCD: free


Kuzonga’s Baraha
HD: A  AA/ED:0

Kuzonga’s Bukejayo Simba
HD: ?  AA/ED: ?

Kuzonga’s Bhinya
HD: A  AA/ED: 0

Swiss Export

Kuzonga’s Boudicca
HD: ?  AA/ED: ?


Kuzonga’s Binti Ceais
HD: B  AA/ED: 0   OCD: free


Kuzonga’s Butaa
HD: ?  AA/ED: ?