On 5th January 2016 Holly had 8 puppies with Ch Akizuri Titti Bashiri. One female with a small 3rd crown, rest correct.


 Sire Date Mating / Birth Other
 Ch Akizuri Titi Bashiri 05.01.2016 Natural mating / C-section 8 puppies: 3 males and 5 females.
One female with a (small) 3rd crown


Name Sex HD / ED / OCD Other
Kuzonga’s Isak Male   Complete Scissorbite, VP1 Best Puppy, BIS3 Puppy
Kuzonga’s I Jibe Male   Complete Scissorbite, VP1 Bos Baby
Kuzonga’s Inkosi Tibo Male   Complete Scissorbite, VP1 Best Baby
Kuzonga’s Icala Female   A /  o   /  Free Complete Scissorbite, VP1, Best Baby, BIS3 Baby
Kuzonga’s Imani Sisto Female   Complete Scissorbite
Kuzonga’s Isa Nellie Female   Complete Scissorbite, VP2
Kuzonga’s Ilanga Female   Complete Scissorbite  VG
Kuzonga’s Issabella Female   Bite: TBA – 3rd crown