NOCH LP1 LP2 BH NVV-13 NVV-14 RL1 Kuzonga’s Cheriff

Sire: INTCH NCH SCH DKCH FINCH NORDCH NV-05 NV-06 NORDV06 Masithela’s Irresistible Chango
Dam: LP1 LP2 UHP FP Rally-B Hunting Choir’s Issa



Pedigree number: DKK DK15004/2005
Born: 24.06.2005
Height: 67 cm Weight: 40 kg
HD: A (free) ED: A (free)
Complete Scissor bite Eyes: clear DM: N/N (free) Dilute: DD (free) EOAD: Clear Liver: B/b
Mentality test Gunshot proof
Winner of CACIB and CAC’s, Norwegian Show Champion, passed obedience class 1 (both Danish and Norwegian), passed Danish obedience class 2, passed working dog trial, trained as rescue dog. Passed open class tracking (600 meter 24 hours )
in Norway. Passed the Norwegian “good Citizens dog” (BH)
Owner: Mona Hansen and Børge Solvang, Norway
Breeder: Jo-Ann Nielsen
Cheriff’s homepage:

Cheriff (called Sheriff) is from a litter of 9, no DS or ridgeless. One ridgefault. HD/ED free litter

Cheriff has (June 2016) sired 7 litter. So far Cheriff hasn’t given any ridgelss or DS.

Frozen semen available for suitable bitches


Litter statistic:

Number of puppies born alive: 63
Males: 31
Females: 32
Dermoid Sinus: 0
Ridgeless: 0
Ridgefault: 5
Kinked tail: 13
Kryptocid: 0
Livernose: 25
Excessive white: 0
Color fault: 0
Bite faults: 0
Heart problems: 0
Epilepsy: 0
Allergy: 2
Eye disease: 1