Kuzonga’s Hamisi Aslan

Sire: INTCH Multi Ch. Tarujen Mabaru
Dam: DEVDHCH UHP Rally-B Kuzonga’s Cirkeline




Pedigree number. DK01741/2012
Born: 12.01.2012
Height: 70 cm Weight: 45 kg
HD: A (free) ED: 0 (free) OCD (shoulders): free
Complete Scissor bite DM: N/N (free) Dilute: DD (free) EOAD: Clear Liver:
Pedigree here

Aslan is from a HD/ED/OCD free litter without ridgeless or DS.

Aslan is training Rally obedience and Tracking. He was best dog at tracking trial (3 hours / 400 meters) with Max point!

He was shown with Excellent 1 (with CQ) in Open class, and has several best male placements. He also has one CAC!

Aslan so far has sired 2 litters (October 2016) – all ridged and no DS.

Litter statistic:

Litters born: 2
Number of puppies: 21
Correct puppies: 18
Ridgeless: 0
Dermoid Sinus: 0
Ridgefaults: 1
Tail faults: 2
Bite faults: 0
Testicle faults: 0
Colur faults: 0
Still born: 3
Livernose: 0